‘Just Mossing About:Creating the New Zealand Forest Floor’ with Amy Baker

What a wonderful treat it was to have Amy Baker host a 2 day workshop at the Wellington Museum over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th August.

During “Just Mossing About: Creating the New Zealand Forest Floor” Amy encouraged us to learn, play and have fun while experimenting with stitch and techniques to create gorgeous texture and colour combinations.  

We came away with some stunning work.

Amy specializes in hand embroidery and textile art.  Living on the shores of Lake Wakatipu she draws her inspiration from the natural world and changing light that surrounds her.

If you get a chance to attend one of her workshops then it comes highly recommended.

Festival of Samplers 2019

In June I spent a few days in Sydney, timing it to coincide with the Quilt and Craft Fair held at the ICC in Darling Harbour.  On a particularly wet Monday, a friend and I ventured out to Concord West to the headquarters of the Embroiderers’ Guild of New South Wales. The building was light and airy, with plenty of workspace, with a number of workrooms, and large library.  The ground floor is used as a gallery space, allowing them to hold many exhibitions.  The exhibition we saw was the Festival of Samplers.


Samplers on display ranged from the seventeenth century to the modern day.  On the ground floor some  of the oldest samplers on display were mourning samplers. There were darning samplers, a collection of small clothing, for babies or dolls, and map samplers. I apologise to the donors and the Guild of NSW for not recording who donated or created the exhibits.





The second floor had several examples of whitework on display


The top floor had modern samplers on display

There was also some colourful stitch collection ‘books’

And finally a book of samplers with a hardanger bookmark






If you do head over to Sydney, I recommend going for a visit to the Embroiderers’ Guild of New South Wales, you will receive a warm welcome and they are very obliging.  There are also a number of courses they are holding this summer which are open to non-members, so check out their website and Facebook page for further details.


Life of Tree


Our talented winner of Viewers Choice from our Regional Workday in March, Sara Keppel, entered the above piece “Life of Tree” into the ANZEG’s conference recently held in Nelson


This weekend I’m braving  Dunedin snow and cold for work. Not complaing at all – I ❤️ winter! 

I wanted to tell you about a couple of gadgets I’ve discovered that might be useful for you too. First up – a lightbox. I don’t know about you but transferring designs on to cloth is one of my least liked things to do. Whether it’s your own hand-drawn design or a commercial pattern- it’s not easy. 

Many times I’ve simply taped a paper design on to the window and taped the fabric over then traced through. Not to be a wuss – but it’s hard tracing with your arms up in the air. Obviously with counted stitch techniques like cross-stitch, this is not a priblem.

Enter,the light box. Unless you’re a doctor reading plain xrays you’re unlikely to have one of these laying around. I came across this light box at Typo. Best of all it was relatively inexpensive – $50.

Apart from the annoying little call-out at the bottom, it’s pretty much perfect for small designs. And it runs on batteries. And it’s not hundreds of dollars.

The other wee gem I’ve discovered is the erasable pen. Well, I was actually told about this one, but it might be a discovery for you too.

It erases straight off the fabric and provides a much finer line than other iron-off transfer pens or pencils. And if it’s in a place that’s too tricky to rub off – just cover it with a stitch 😜

Do you have any gadgets or tools that make stitching easier?

Parkin Drawing Prize

Hello Everybody,

This month our First Thursday Exhibition Group will visit The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts to view the Parkin Drawing Prize, New Zealand’s premier award for drawing. It promotes drawing in all it’s forms – as discovery, a testing of ideas and decision making. Challenges we also face in designing for stitching using needle and thread. Find more details at parkinprize.org.nz

This year there are 77 finalists to view. The winning submission will be announced by Dick Frizzell on Monday 7th September.

Meet: At Arabica Cafe, 1 Grey Street at 12.00 noon.

Thence The Academy at 1.00pm.

RSVP wembroiderersg@gmail.com